Friday, August 21, 2009

Hotel Nightmare

Ok...I know you've thought about it...

I bet you've wondered if those lovely hotel bedspreads and blankets
are freshly laundered for each new guest.

Well I already decided a long time ago to NOT USE the bedspreads
or blankets. The thought of those bedspreads touching my face gives
me the willies!

The carpets kind of gross me out too. I'm sure they are a breeding
ground for all sorts of infections and diseases.


Last weekend my son's tournament baseball team traveled to Delaware
(that's all I'm giving ya) where we stayed for 3 nights. It was not
some hole in the wall, unknown hotel. It was a name we all know.

Immediately upon arrival and after choking on the thick odor, I noticed
the bedspreads (yuck!) were wrinkled and the carpet (yuck!) was not
vacuumed. We unpacked.

A couple of hours later I turned down my covers. I always take a look way
down to the know...bed bug check. Guess what I found? A pair of
dirty white socks! Yes! Add to that plenty of dark body hair and I could
have gagged...or did I.

I immediately went to tell the other mothers on the team and another bed
on our floor also had used sheets. We went to the front desk and the clerk
on duty offered us clean sheets (well how nice!) but we'd have to make
the beds ourselves. WE marched to the laundry room...what a nightmare
place that was. One little dirty guy doing the laundry. There were
clean sheets and 2 clean mattress covers that I was quick enough to
grab. There was not one clean bedspread or blanket in the whole place.

I went back to my room and changed my sheets. Then I turned down my
son's bed and saw a yellow stain that spanned the entire width of
the bed. I *hoped* it was an old stain (still gross though!) but
after stripping the sheet off I could see a matching stain on
the mattress cover. Ok...we're talking criminal here. Was this
a joke? Was Alan Funt going to appear?

I heaped all the blankets & sheets in the corner of the
room and tried to calm my mind down a bit so I could get some
sleep (right!). Clips of the bed bug special I saw a few months
ago repeatly came to mind.

The manager was always "not in" when I tried to talk to him.
I called when I got back home and he would not be in for another
day or so. I called the main headquarters. Gave the whole story
to the lady on the phone and she had no reaction. Maybe they
hear this kind of story all the time...maybe worse! She told
me the hotel had 72 hours to respond. I called them 4 days ago
and I'm still waiting for a reply.

Should I report them to the health department? Will it do any good?

I think I deserve my money back. Is that asking too much?

We had maid service once and their were not enough clean towels for
our floor on our last day there.

I little tip I just learned from my friend Margie: You can ask
for your bedspreads and blankets to be laundered before your arrival!
I don't think that would have helped me here but that's nice to know
after I get over this mess.

Daily Grateful: I know I used this one before but I REALLY DO APPRECIATE MY OWN BED! Green Tip:Try to cut down on bottled water and use a Brita pitcher. WE love ours. We always have cold filtered water ready to pour.


  1. That is disgusting you should definately get your money back. The dirty socks and HAIR ewwwwww, that should be enough right there.

  2. Oh how awfull. I would complain to the Health Department, the BBB, and back to the hotel. And inform them that if they did not compensate you, then you would go public (in the local newspaper {I have found a lot of hotel stays come from family members of ppl already living in the area} and all those 'book online sites like orbitz and stuff. You can post reviews of hotels on there.) Just my opinion.

  3. That is absolutely disgusting! I don't know how you managed to continue to stay there. Sick!!!!


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