Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to make an Advent Calendar that's super fun!

It's probably a little late in the season to attempt this now...but I had to share.  I'll try to repost earlier in the season next year!

Four of my grandchildren moved to Georgia last year and I although I settled on giving them money for Christmas, I wanted to add a little fun to the here it is.

What you'll need:
25 assorted small boxes
25 stickers numbered 1-25
bakers twine or any string
25 small gifts

I included a little note explaining that they are to open one box a day beginning with box number 1 on  December 1st.   And no peeking (I knotted each box tightly!)

It was a little challenging coming up with 4 identical gifts for each box (suitable for 1 girl and 3 boys of different ages) are some ideas:

gold dollars (taped together so they don't jingle)
sticky hands
tic tacs
card games
Christmas chocolates
mechanical pencils
punching balloons
pocket angels
tiny game books
marbles (again, tie them down!)

Now if you only have 1 child to buy for, you can add gender/age specific items like:
nail stickers
parachute men
army men
itunes gift card
hair ties/bows
tiny books or calendars
beads and string
little craft kits
homemade playdoh
little collectible skateboards, etc.
matchbox cars

The 25th box contains the checks :)

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