Friday, July 24, 2009

It's All In The Presentation

It's all in the presentation

About 15 years ago I received a coupon in the mail
for a free votive candle from a new country crafts store in the neighborhood.

I went in and browsed around and didn't buy anything
but went to the counter to claim my free votive.

The nice lady greeted me pleasantly and fetched the candle. She smelled the blueberry votive and commented on the lovely smell. She then carefully wrapped the little candle with tissue, tied it gently with raffia and placed it in a little brown bag along with her store's business card. She wished me a good day and encouraged me to return another day.

I was so impressed by the lady's sweetness
and the way the tiny free candle was wrapped...I was a hooked customer!

I returned in a few days and let's just say
I bought more than I could carry in one trip to my van.

The shopping experience is what sold me. I could've picked
up any of those things at any number of similar craft stores.

We realize there are tons of personalized invitation shops
on the internet...but at Lemon Tree Cards
we try to impress our customers
with kindness,
attention to detail
and we always package everything beautifully.

It is all in the presentation.

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