Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pedicure Distress

Can we talk about feet?

I can only write this because I know my 2 daughters will not read it...they would probably kill me.

My daughters (ages 19 & 27) and I went in for pedicures today.

My teenage (princess) daughter is a regular, I've only had 2 in my entire 45 years and my oldest daughter is extremely embarrassed of her feet and never bares them in public.

This should be fun, I thought. We'll go for Mexican afterwards with our polished nails.

The pedicurists are sweet Asian women with tiny cute feet.

Here we come clopping in with our big American feet (does anyone else feel this way?)

My oldest daughter is giggling because she can't believe she's doing this & strips her private peds of her socks and sneakers.

My youngest daughter is giggling because her feet are ticklish.

Then comes the scrubbing...or should I say skin removal. I didn't know this at the time...because my youngest daughter didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings...but she was bleeding in the water!

Her pedicurist tried to tell her she must have had a blister from her shoes! I'm not sure, but I believe I've always known when I've had a blister!

The woman scoured her tender, princess-like feet so roughly that she actually rubbed her skin raw! Then the woman soaked a cotton pad with alcohol & pressed it on the open wound! More fun!

Like I said, I had no idea my daughter was being brutalized until we were walking to the parking lot ($143 poorer) and she quipped, "PS...there was not a blister on my foot! She rubbed the skin right off my foot!" "And...we now know (did I mention she's a nursing student?) that there is no benefit to applying alcohol to an open wound!"

I know it's not funny...but I couldn't help but laugh. She is the type of person that can hold anything in for hours, days, years and decades!

You can bet your bottom dollar that the whole place would have known if I had been bleeding in the water!

Just another example of how women put themselves through unnecessary pain for beauty...

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