Monday, August 31, 2009

Update on the Hotel Nightmare....

Just an update on my lovely hotel stay...

I decided that it was necessary for me to voice my complaint to someone who would listen so I called the main office of the hotel group.

A nice customer service rep listened patiently while I made the following points:
1) dirty, used sheets on both beds (remember the dirty socks & pee stain)
2) dried food on my counter by my microwave
3) no maid service on 3rd day (I flagged down a maid that was trying to cover our seems our maid left for the day...and she had a few towels to give us..we were lucky)
4) the horrible smell (my guess, years of wetness that never's worse than a mold smell)
5) the breakfast area in the lobby is HORRIBLE and we do believe the apple juice made one of the boys so sick he could not leave his room for the entire day...needed to stay close to the bathroom.

I think that's it...

After calling twice and emailing twice, the customer rep was kind enough to offer me...


Is that awful or what?

So I said, "I can't believe you are offering me $40...I really expected to receive most if not all my money back!" Then she offered....


(Don't you hate when someone plays with you like that? I hate it! It's like when the credit card companies offer you a rate, then lower it if you don't accept it...or the car salesman that lowers the price again, etc.)

I really wanted some type of refund but I accepted the coupons and they arrived today. I have 1 year to redeem that at any of the hotels that belong to this group. I will probably lose track of them before I get a chance to use them.

What have we learned:
1) call ahead and ask that your bedspreads and all blankets be washed prior to your arrival...make up some life threatening allergy if needed
2) check EVERYTHING before you unpack...I mean everything...look under your sheets, between mattresses, in drawers, etc.
3) if unsatisfactory, go to front desk and ask for your money back pronto & leave

I'm beginning to understand people with campers now...


  1. Usually we stay at places like Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Hampton Inn, Motel 6, Super 8. Once we stayed in a La Quinta in Tallahassee that was so clean it was amazing. This past July we stayed at a Marriott Courtyard for the first time and I was surprised that it was not nearly as nice as the Hampton & Comfort Inns we have stayed at, some of the others I mentioned were nicer also.

  2. The place we stayed in is mentioned in your comments!


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