Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Face Labels

Has anyone seen these?

I used to make something similar but after spending 20 minutes creating
the label for each customer, I found the income did not justify the time spent.

Then I ran across this website.
 The customer actually creates the label right on the screen!

So, I'm leaving the family face labels to the experts and am now an affiliate
so please click the banner above and try it yourself.
There is no obgligation to buy after you create the label.

Now don't forget to come to my site for all the rest of your
personalized printing needs!

1 comment:

  1. I have those - aren't they adorable? I had actually misplaced them for awhile - and was kind of surprised the adhesive was still so strong when I found them. Ok, so I misplaced them for like 6-7 years. Hey. I'm lucky I don't misplace one of my children.

    Naahhh. They're too loud for that.

    But these really are cute labels - I love mine! xx


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