Thursday, September 17, 2009

Endless Whimsy

While browsing through Etsy, I came across the cutest Siamese clay sculpture.

  This cute little guy lured me into Endless Whimsy's Etsy shop.

Each of the sculptures at Endless Whimsy are created from a ball of polymer clay. Each kitty is hand sculpted by a slow pulling process. Just like no two cats are alike in real life, no two sculptures are exactly alike.

There I found cat ornaments.

Mini Mini Mini 1" cats in
your choice of colors!
Sculptures such as this are available in a variety
of collectable sizes and colors from
1" to over 7" tall. The piece is signed by the
 artist and makes a perfect gift for any cat lover.

Endless Whimsy also offers this
unbelievable photo of her cat Stoli
printed on a note card.
Cats don't really do these things, do they?

Endless Whimsy is a proud member of Etsy for Animals. She contributes 10% of all purchases through her shop to a local feline rescue shelter, HART. The Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) is a shelter and adoption center for cats that has operated in Cumberland, Maine since 1997. They provide refuge, comfort, and medical attention to cats and kittens that have been surrendered, abandoned, injured, or abused, and find loving homes to adopt them.

To see more of Endless Whimsy's work please check out:
I've just checked a few gifts off my holiday shopping list :)

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