Friday, September 25, 2009

Needed: Stocking Stuffer ideas

It's coming...

that time of year...

lots of thinking...

lots of shopping...

lots of spending...

Oh no!

It's time to think about

Holiday gift-giving!

Let's have a little fun and
a little self-promotion!

I would like to compile a list of
25 or so...maybe more
$10 or less
Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Please comment to this post with the following:

1) item name
2) cost
3) url of item

I will post the collection of
$10 or less Stocking Stuffer Ideas
on or around mid-October

I'll include the name/price & link to the item.

Please feel free to provide
info on more than one item.

Can't wait to see what you come up with! 


  1. While not for kids, many people also have dogs!

    The Bottle Buddy Dog Toy for $6.5 is a cool toy for dogs that love the sound of a water bottle.

    Here is the url-

  2. OOOHHHH! I have the perfect stocking stuffers!

    Fun Soaps
    $4 Each

    They are fun and smell AWESOME (bubblegum flavor). Your kids will WANT to wash up to win the prize inside!

  3. Yes! We cannot forgot our furry children during the holidays!!

    Thank you!

  4. I love the soaps Amanda! I'm going to need some of those!

  5. I love Chico Bags-I have about a dozen and keep them in the car, purse, diaper bag, etc. They are compact and great for when you need an extra bag! $4.99

    Also, the Forever Cloth is a great hemp cleaning cloth, $6.95

  6. Hair Accessories for Girls. I do a lot of gifts and party favors and it is always a hit with the girls.

    All of my girl items are less than $10.00

    For our furry friend lovers, hair accessories for dogs are a popular items. There are several items available under $10.00

  7. For little girls a handcrafted bracelet. We know all girls love jewelry.

    #Brg10 Natural Polished Shells & Coral BraceletCost is about $13.95 Size 5 1/2 in but it can be adjusted.
    Here is the link

  8. Scrabble Tile Pendants make unique affordable gifts. All of my pendants are $6.95 each and custom pendants are $8.95 each.

  9. Hey just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. Have a great weekend.

  10. I have quite a few ideas.. but I have limit myself because I love them all...!!!!'
    How about some girly felt flower clippies? For only $2.75!
    Or maybe a beautiful flower bow holder? for $10.00
    I promise this is my last one...
    Maybe these gorgeous beanie caps for the winter for only $8.00?

    I love the idea of the soap though..... definately needs to get some!

  11. The ideas are great!
    How about more for boys and men?

  12. Gah! I haven't even begun to think about this... but I'm glad you've started so I can peek!

  13. Every woman likes to accessorize, so who would'nt LOVE dressing up their favorite drink?

    On Paisley Lane's "Pastel Paisley Couture" is as girly as it gets! Wrap your coffee with our re-usable coffee couture and help the environment keep it's waste down and save some trees! Listed at $10, but we are having a 10% Off SALE until Dec. 15th! Just add the code PAISLEY at checkout for discount.

    Come take a peek at:

    We also have our SoapSicles on SALE! Kids go CrAzY for these! $6

  14. Our Scramble Squares are the perfect gift for kids to adults. They are challenging 9 piece puzzles that will have you puzzled! Scramble Squares Priced at just 9.99 and if you purchase right now, you can get in on our B1G1 Free offer! While supplies last.

    Many of our Princess accessories are priced at 9.99 or less. Some of the things you'll find are Princess headbands, elbow length gloves and tiaras.

    And we didn't forget about the boys. Many of our Career Dress up Accessories are priced at 9.99 or less. Train Engineer caps, Real working Stethoscopes, Police Hats and Poufy Chef hats!

    At Milo's Creations, you are sure to find something for the kid or kid at heart in your life! We specialize in make believe dress up costumes, accessories and handmade apparel for kids to adults. Thanks for the great idea Shelley!


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