Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spotlight on Bonita Boutique

If you have a little girl in your life,
you must check out
Bonita Boutique!

The owners, Johana and Camila,
make everything themselves, including:
tutus, toddler purses, hats, bows, headbands and more!

Here are just a few of the items I fell in love with:

Crochet Headbands

These adorable crochet flower headbands are for infants and girls. Because the headband stretches, it grows with your child! Stylish and modish, these can be worn in all occasions.

What little girl would not love to have this toddler purse to carry around all day. Mommy has a bag, why can't your girl have one? These toddler purses were designed with your girl in mind. Made with prints that are in style, don't miss out on the fun of dressing up to go out!


Unlike anything you have seen, these pom-pom bows made of fabric attracts every eye! These pom-pom bows are different from your classic bow, and brings your child to a whole new level in fashion. Collect all the colors or let Bonita Boutique know what you are looking for and they can personalize it for you in the colors you want to make it perfect for that outfit!

The owners, Johana and Camila used to hang out all the time to scrapbook, talk about fashion and of course, about their girly girls. During one of these afternoons, they decided they were actually talented enough to share the "love" and the creativity of their designs to all the moms that like to dress up their child in a unique way and on a budget. Who isn't on a budget these days? Each day they strive and research to keep up with the trend and design new products that will make your princess look even more modern and in style. Ah, let's not forget about moms! Bringing necessities like perfumes and fashion handbags; Moms they are thinking about you too! Johana and Camila hope everyone enjoys the delight of their products, after all, you child is only a baby once!
Bonita Boutique also has a
Facebook link:

And a new blog:
(Let's all go over and follow them!)

Shipping is VERY reasonable:
A flat rate of $4.95 and
FREE shipping for orders over $100.

Bonita Boutique is constantly adding new items, check often for more unique gift ideas!

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