Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember Wacky Packages?

Ok...I'll admit it just this once...I grew up in the 70's. Hey-- there was nothing wrong with the 70's! It was a great time to be a kid!

Candy was CHEAPO!

My brother and I would walk to Dolly's candy store in Catonsville, MD and spend $.10 each and come out with a BAG of candy.

The most expensive candy item there was a Snicker's for $.06.

But remember the Wacky Packages? Those totally cool packs of stickers and a stick of gum (think baseball cards). The stickers made fun of brand named items such as Crust for Crest, Weakies for Wheaties, etc. They kind of reminded me of my favorite mag at the time: MAD Magazine!! I used to collect those!

Here's a Wacky Packages website!

I loved Wacky Packages so much that I actually had a Wacky Packages outfit!!  Top and pants...and I wasn't that young either...I think it was 5th grade...ok I was a nerd.

Remember these...
Wax lips
Candy tabs
Wax bottles (what was with the wax?)
Big Buddy Bubble Gum (I never see this any more)
Boston Beans

Tell me what you remember.


  1. You're from my time! Wahoo!!!

    How about Lick-a-Stix, Bubs Daddy gum, and Marathon candy bars (my absolute favorite!)

  2. I wonder if you spent your Saturday mornings watching the Archie's!
    And how I wanted to be a Brady...

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  4. A work colleague recently came back from a trip to America (we're in the UK) and she brought back some Junior Mints. I'd never had them before, but they taste just like After Eights. I loved the packaging.. white and green, it looked deliciously old school!

  5. I just thought of something I remember...flavored toothpicks!

    With all of us chomping on wax & wood...and riding our bikes without helmets, it's amazing we're all still here.


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