Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cell phones are killing trees!

Only a mother would take a photo of a cell phone bill and then label and measure the piles. 

Now before any tree huggers* scream at me for wasting paper:
I have re-opted for a paperless bill!

*I'm a tree hugger too...well secretly anyway.

Recently we changed yet another feature or option or something stupid on our bill and the phone company changed our billing from paperless to a 'how to kill a small maple tree by texting'.

My phone bill came in a box.

The tall stack is my son's...he's 17 and sends more than 10,000 texts a month.  Can anyone top that?


  1. I'm seriously hoping that you have unlimited texting for your son. Can you even imagine if you didn't?

  2. OMG!! I never would have believed you if I had not seen the pic. WOW!!

  3. Wow, though I am thankful that I have paperless billing, because with as much as I text I could imagine mine being that big.


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