Friday, October 9, 2009

What is this? First 2 correct answers get a prize!

Congratulations to
kylsp of
blueviolet of

They correctly guessed the last picture
a Candyland game card!
Thanks for playing ladies!

I can see I'm dealing with experts here. 
So this photo is a little more difficult!

The first 2 people to tell me what it is
with the correct spelling will receive
60 address labels personalized with
your name/address.   Choose from the

For US residents only.
Good luck!


  1. That looks like the taste bud of the tongue to me.

  2. I think people were afraid to take a guess at this!'s not a tongue but I'll give you a hint.

    It's a living thing.

  3. That's a very good guess (actually one that I thought of also) but no...

    One more hint (and thank you kind person for playing)...

    it walks


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