Monday, July 8, 2013

Tips for printing your own invitations and paper products at home

We're selling more and more "print your own" invitations, stationery, labels and party items these days.

"Print your own" items are designed with custom wording, colors, etc. and then delivered to the customer via email as a jpg or pdf.

We sell many print your own items in our Etsy store and website.

Once you have the jpg or pdf, you are free to print at:
1.  a storefront printer or photo lab such as; Office Max, Staples, Walmart, etc.)
2.  an online print shop (mpix, walmart, etc.)
3.  or at home.

When printing at home, be sure to set your printer correctly for the best results.

Under your PRINT SETTINGS or PROPERTIES tab (this will show up after clicking the PRINT button), be sure to select:
1.  Quality - I use the TEXT & IMAGE setting
2.  Paper Option - I use the heaviest paper option (even if you're printing on labels)

3.  I then choose RGB under COLOR MODE
4.  And I choose the highest GAMMA setting

Your printer may not have all of the options mentioned above.  Just try to find as many as you can and experiment on practice paper before using your expensive cardstock and label stock!

IMPORTANT:  If you are printing an item with a design that prints all the way to the edges of the paper like this one below, you will need to set your printer for "PRINT TO EDGE."  Most printers have this option.  If not, your design will have a white margin around the design and you'll need to trim with a paper cutter or scissors.

I invite questions or comments and will try my best to help you with your printing questions.

Next, we'll work on the specifics of printing invitations, labels, etc. including tips on inexpensive paper cutters, printers, etc.

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